Who are we?


                   Hello, fashionistas!
     We're really glad to have you here. This is the official Lookbook fot all the Romanian Fashionistas from Stardoll. This blog was created Monday, on 8th of July 2013 and we really hope that it will be 'alive' for a long time from now on.

                   Who are we?
      ♡ My name is Georgiana and, of course, I am from Romania. I am a 19 years-old fashionista and I am the creator of this blog. I had the idea of creating a Lookbook blog for the Romanians a long time ago, but I thought it would be nice to have a partener and as soon as I met Andrew I knew he is the one.
         What can I say about my style? It depends on my mood and how I wake up in the morning. It can go from rock, emo, grunge to street, casual, glam, boho, minimal, chic or edgy.

 . Visit my Stardoll, my username is GeO_dulce. Feel free to talk to me, I love making new friends, even thought I am a little bit shy.
Lots of love, GeO_dulce


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