My dear fashionistas, it was probably hard to be accepted, but it will be really easy to stay in here. 
You will have to post at least two outfits per week and as many as you want, there is no limit for that, 
and you need to be nice with your co-workers.

After posting your outfit and what you wore, you have to post your signature, so our followers will know
who and what posted. After that, you are allowed to post a song, a photo that represents you
or a quote. Or you can leave it simple.

•Please don't use this blog to advertise you pages/blogs. You will be deleted and will never have the chance to post again.

The rules are simple. Please respect them!

Example of post: 
[picture of your outfit, centered]
What you wore, centered
[Signature, right-aligned]                 .

If you don't figure how to do it, do it just like your co-workers did it.

And don't forget to use the signature at the end of your otfit.
Save your signature in the computer so you can use it everytime you post your outfit.


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